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The problem of baldness, which starts with poor eating habits, aging, stress or the weakening of hair follicles due to stress or genetics, is no longer a problem! Hair transplantation is one of the first of the aesthetic procedures that have recently improved.

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    Hair Transplant

    It is applied by stripping the hair roots between the two ears from the back of the hair and shaping them in sizes suitable for the open area.
    In the operation under local anesthesia, a marking remains in the area where hair is taken, which is not easily understood when first viewed, but does not completely disappear. With this method it is not necessary to take the stitches that are placed most of the time.
    With this method you can use the following method: one, two or three groups can be prepared, as well as transplants that contain a large number of hair roots.
    Hair follicles are preserved until planting. Hair transplants are opened in microkands in the form of scratches with the latest technology, without damaging the hair wall with microensets.
    Scratch-shaped channels prevent damage to the surrounding stable hair and allow tightening. The FUT method enables more frequent hair transplants.

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    Beard Transplantation

    While beard and mustache transplantation is among the biggest problems of men, many men perform beard and mustache transplantation due to the beard and mustache transplantation. At this point, it is beneficial for individuals to get help from professional physicians in order to obtain a more natural and permanent result, as well as being a different esthetician.
    Although beard and mustache transplantation is a small aesthetic touch, it can be expressed as a necessity especially for men who do not grow beard. At this point, beard and mustache transplantation can be performed by taking hair follicles from the hair of individuals, as well as rarely with artificial methods.
    Beard and mustache transplantation is generally applied to men. Especially those who have completed puberty and have no beard and mustache

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    Safir FUE

    FUE hair transplantation with saphire Fue (Foliuler Unit Extraction) technique is the most preferred and well-known method among hair transplantation methods worldwide and in Turkey.
    It is used instead of metal slit during the sewerage phase of hair transplantation. Fue with saphire tip is not a technique, but an innovation implemented in the FUE method.

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    DHI Transplant

    DHI technique is also known as unshaven hair transplantation. It is a technique in which both the sewerage and the transplantation are performed with the needle in which the hair root is placed without having to open the channels in which the hair channels are planted. The difference between DHI hair transplantation; It is the use of a medical device called Choi in the planting phase, which is made specifically for DHI and resembles a pen in appearance. With Choi’s help, it has become very easy to plant frequently and catch the required narrow angle.
    These individually selected tips are disposable for each patient.

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