What should be considered before hair transplantation
Alcohol, medicines (aspirin, coraspirin), vitamin E and similar substances that water the blood should not be taken within the week before surgery; Smoking should be consumed as little as possible.

What is the appropriate age for hair transplants?
Hair transplantation can be performed for anyone over 20 years of age.
Of course, the final decision will be taken after consultation. If the person has a sufficient donor area and there is a type of shedding suitable for hair transplants, a hair transplant can be performed.

How long does the hair transplant take?
It varies from person to person, the area in which the planting process is carried out, and the number of hairs to be planted (graft, dispenser) to be planted and transferred from the area and transferred to the hairless area.
Graft is the name given to the hair pholicles that are prepared.) Hair transplants take about 4-8 hours. Is also dependent on your special needs with pause etc.

Can hair transplantation be applied to women?
After examining the causes of hair loss in women (hormonal factors, thyroid glands may also be due to deficiency or overwork.) Hair transplantation can be performed as in men.

What is the average price for hair transplants?
Our prices vary depending on the area in which the hair transplant is performed and the amount of hair to be added. You can call us to get clear information, make an appointment and have one-on-one calls.

Can it sew a hair loss?
Since the hair that sned has been removed from a very genetically strong area, then you will not encounter hair loss.

Is the appearance of the hair artificial after the hair transplant?
Planted hair is placed in the channels where they are placed according to the natural initial orientation, so that it gets a very natural appearance.

How many days do you need to dedicate to hair transplantation?
First of all, we arrange for you to contact us on an appointment together for the date that best suits you. Appointment after preliminary examinations we will do the operation on your date. Your dressing is performed the day after the procedure. On the same day, we will inform you about the first hair wash and unload you. With the difference of MED-VA, we ensure that you can take over your transactions within 2 days and return to your personal and business life.

When does the hair start to come out?
In the first 3 months, the hair strands fail. Hair dandruff after 3 months is 75% from the 6th month and 95-100% at the end of the 1st year.

Is a doctor in surgery?
During the hair transplant, Dr. Fatih Guvenc and our doctors work together. Doctors are involved in both anesthesia, transplantation and deron stones.

Is pain felt after a hair transplant?
In rare cases, headaches may occur after surgery. With the painkillers we recommend, these ailments can be very convenient to prevent.

Do the transplanted hairs fall out again?
In hair transplantation, the hair taken from the back of the ear is very resistant to hormonal hair loss. For this reason, the implanted hairs remain for life.

When can I return to my normal life after the operation?
There is no risk of you returning to work after the operation. Within the first 10 days, the redness passes. However, take this into account within 10 days skin scales.


Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul

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